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Wooden Construction

Combined with our wide range of wood construction projects, our reputation is based on the exceptional level of attention to detail and quality finishes that characterize every wood construction project. hamma workshops has extensive experience in wooden constructions and this experience has strengthened the key skills of hamma workshops and improved the skills and services of the company. A carpentry workshop with an area of hectares located in the industrial area of Dar Bouazza, specializing in wood. This workshop is equipped with the most modern equipment, allowing to implement projects of all levels of complexity and scope, of high technological level and in very short deadlines.

Hamma workshop services include: a partnership process for problem solving, efficient construction means and methods, a clear commitment to final cost estimates, an exceptional record of delivery on time and on budget.

We offer the broadest skills in the design, construction and renovation-restructuring of buildings of all kinds

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Les Ateliers Hamma is a market leader thanks to its long experience in the construction sector.

Ateliers Hamma brings together a range of skills unmatched in the construction trades, both in new construction and in the renovation of buildings all bodies of state.

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