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Metallic Construction

With many resources and a workshop specialized in metal fabrication, Les Ateliers Hamma has the capacity to carry out a variety of works in the field of metal construction itself. This ability to carry out these projects gives Les Ateliers Hamma the expertise in controlling costs, ensuring a high level of manufacturing quality and guaranteeing the best possible value for its customers.
In order to ensure customer satisfaction, Les Ateliers Hamma partners with architects and engineers to review the scope of the project, analyze materials, equipment, techniques and schedules as well as the overall impact on costs, quality and schedule of the project.

We offer the broadest skills in the design, construction and renovation-restructuring of buildings of all kinds

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Les Ateliers Hamma is a market leader thanks to its long experience in the construction sector.

Ateliers Hamma brings together a range of skills unmatched in the construction trades, both in new construction and in the renovation of buildings all bodies of state.

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